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H30448 Full Line Stencil Uneven Feather Border


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Full Line Stencil Uneven Feather Border
This feather border is even on the outside but the inside vein of the feather follows a
sweeping "S" curve. It has a built in corner and registration points to help align the repeats. 3" x 9"

These stencil don't have a true opening so a pencil will not work to transfer them.
The way they work is by the chalk powder in the pounce pad being forced through the screen
mesh as it's swiped across the surface of the stencil. The design is transferred on to the quilt top
so quickly, no more fatigue in your hands from gripping the pencil, fabric does not get stretched and
pulled like it does with a sharp pencil point. The area that we don't want the chalk to go through is
closed off - they're not broken with the bridges used. You get to follow the complete line as you sew.
There is no right or wrong side, most designs have registration marks to help align repeats. And rather
than tracing all those lines you just swipe the chalk filled refillable Pounce Pad over the mesh and are
ready to sew in no time.


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